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i-advize works closely with senior management to design effective investor relations programs based on the company’s goals, needs and budget. The competition for capital and investor attention is fierce. Therefore, a proactive, detail-oriented and focused approach is necessary via a strategic investor relations program, to not only capture the market’s attention, but to also maintain visibility amongst sector, regional and global competition.

IR Support: i-advize’s plays a significant role in the day-to-day support on a company’s IR program. Not only is i-advize an additional point of contact for the financial community, our team also provides quality consulting services, attains market feedback and participates in the drafting and editing of key communications to the market. We utilize state-of-art technology to deliver the company’s message and satisfy regulatory requirements, thus reaching a wider audience, while enhancing the company’s message. Via our efforts, we strive to build strong internal support of the IR function to ensure that the company’s foundation regarding financial communications remains paramount in the company’s strategy.

Social Media in IR can’t be ignored and should be part of a company’s information dissemination process. i-advize can help you design, maintain and build follower traction for your IR Twitter page with your latest releases, events and news.

IR Materials: i-advize has the ability to create professional, dynamic and value-added investor related materials that will satisfy the most sophisticated investor. Quarterly earnings releases, press releases, annual reports and the investor relations section of the company’s web site are all crucial mediums for the financial community to attain information to aid in the investment decision. i-advize ensures that these materials convey the company’s message, include relevant data, demonstrate a commitment to transparency and are properly and efficiently disseminated to various market constituencies.

IR Activities: i-advize’s expertise in the planning, coordination and execution of complicated investor related activities is unmatched. Critical events such as a road show, analyst breakfast/luncheon or site tour require the participation of senior management and the correct audience. Our team coordinates activities such as the logistics and media coverage, while advising the company every step of the way. This allows management to focus on what is important – running a successful company and selling its investment story to the correct individuals.

Audience & Targeting: i-advize believes that one of the pillars of a successful long-term investor relations program is the constant targeting of current and potential investors and analysts. Our team can target and analyze current and potential investors and identify shareholders via public filings or a more comprehensive shareholder identification report. While the development of a company’s investment “story” is key, delivering that story to a well-defined and tailored target audience on both the buy-side and sell-side maximizes the value of the overall message.