i-advize Corporate Communications

Overcoming a Negative Perception

The Company

Company D, a large, internationally-renowned company, had a negative image within the investment community due to poor level of disclosure. It was attempting to salvage its reputation and to increase its exposure in the financial markets. i-advize was hired as a consultant and was asked to direct and develop an image makeover.

The Problem

The difficulty of this case stemmed from the fact that Company D was very well known in the market. Changing negative perceptions regarding a company can sometimes be more difficult than introducing a new company altogether. We sensed that the majority of the IR community, particularly analysts, was skeptical about the company's ability for change. In addition, the internal IR team at the company was extremely inexperienced and not used to dealing with the market's workings.


To expedite the image overhaul, i-advize began implementing changes in the company's IR program. This required the double effort of directing normal IR responsibilities and management training while planning the company's new corporate disclosure strategy.

The services i-advize offered were:


The financial community began to see improvements in the company's investor relations efforts. As the company's attractiveness as a potential investment began to increase so did the number of participants during conference calls and webcasts. Inevitably the company was able to be more competitive in the international markets, which over time was reflected in a strengthening stock price.