i-advize Corporate Communications

Maintaining a Successful IR Program

The Company

A responsible company evaluates its IR department regularly and under circumstances other than an impending crisis. With the market growing increasingly competitive, Company C hired i-advize to evaluate and spruce up their IR program. The company did not want to implement any drastic changes. They simply wanted a few suggestions that would prevent their IR program from becoming stale and to see where their program stood in comparison to other companies.

The Problem

Evaluating an efficient IR department is a greater challenge than evaluating a struggling department because it requires detecting a problem before it develops. The situation required a very detailed analysis of all of the intricacies of the company's IR program. Additionally, Company C requested that the costs of any changes be kept at a minimum, limiting i-advize's range of recommendations.

Plan of Action

i-advize performed the following services for Company C:

Perhaps the most important service provided for Company C was the custom Perception Analysis report. i-advize is particularly proud of this service because it vastly surpasses the quality of our competitors' product. The i-advize Perception Analysis Report includes:


Company C was impressed with the research and recommendations. The Perception Analysis Report became a foundation for the revamped investor relations program. This included changes in financial information, presentation of results and communications' tactics with various market constituencies.